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If you are visiting Zhangjiajie for the first time, please be sure to read this Raiders. It can help you to find out what kind of money you can play in Zhangjiajie. It is usually necessary to play for a few days and play in Zhangjiajie. A few dollars and so on.

1. On the way to Zhangjiajie, how do you prevent fraud and slaughter in Zhangjiajie?

1, guests who drive to Zhangjiajie by car, often encounter a lot of fancy people on the road to take your foot, wait for your car to stop, when you sit back, you are self-recommended to say that I am "a certain regular tour guide" "Someone is not a formal travel social worker," and you will be drunk with their "various documents". As soon as you get on your car, they will go to the air and negotiate with you. The matter is extremely full and touting yourself, just like this collection of the day, all the tools of Zhangjiajie are purchased by them. The four-star hotel can be fully completed with only a few dollars. If you don’t enter the travel agency, you will not be able to How to travel in Ya, take you to see the scenery without the visitor group.

Self-driving cars do not enter into the scenic spot, and you need to transfer to the scenic eco-car. Did not initiate a self-driving to the scenic spot, because the same as the usual scenic spots are all from a ticket station, another ticket stand out, and the car is very convenient. Nowadays, there are many cars and car owners. When I was playing, I didn’t want to worry about my car’s safe title. And the parking fee of the scenic door was more expensive. In addition to the night, I had to pay 70 yuan/car. The same parking time is the same as the time, it is easy to find a parking space, many people turn to go to affect the mood of the car, and the suburbs only need 20 yuan / car, with a dedicated person. It is best not to 凤凰娱乐(fh03.cc) be on the way to the remote area (such as three-pronged or cross-talking, free station, etc.), so that the blind people can take their own car, because there are many guides, such as our sorrow, self-driving you Just reach Zhangjiajie, we will arrange the parking space, and we will take care of the current situation.

2, Zhangjiajie taxi attention matters

After arriving in Zhangjiajie, there is a series of tourist scams in the water station square, the airport square and the suburb of any one of the suburbs. As long as you have a strict defense awareness, those scams will not be able to take advantage of it. . A water station square or an airport will be like a bird flying in a bird cage. Many people flock to it, saying that there is no need to go to the scenic spot. As long as 5 yuan is a small one, there are also disciples who are honest and honest. As 凤凰彩票(fh03.cc) long as you get on the bus, you will find a taxi in the city and you will be talking about it in Zhangjiajie. It is very interesting to Zhangjiajie. Knowing that when the family talks about the current situation, they will change the topic. He is not a friend of the Ya Travel Agency. If you go to travel, you may introduce it through the process and do your best for the price. If you are deliberately moving, when you know where the tourists are going to find out which one is not the sorrowful staff of the travel agency, he will find the opportunity to tell whether it is a lie or say that a certain hotel stays well. After the process, he can approach the price. The hotel below. Once you enter, the driver can get a generous commission; it's always a hundred times stronger than they are running on the street.

3. If you are a waterwheel

There are many tourists 凤凰娱乐(fh03.cc) who travel by water to Zhangjiajie every year. Many of the visitors can tell you at a glance that you are not a tourist who goes to Zhangjiajie. You will stare at your "fat" early. . As long as the waterwheel enters the suburbs of Zhangjiajie Linyuan (such as Changde, Shimen, Cili, and Huowei, etc.), they will do it in addition to the night, claiming to be the sorrow of the XX Travel Agency and the XX Hotel. Personnel, even more, will be a railway coat, minus the night block shots. (Note: Most of them are confused tourists, meticulously try, the real trainers on the train, there is no Ya travel agency, hotel pushers ?), with you on the phone, at that time you should continue to connect with the brains of recovery, there is no need to casually communicate with them (because they are either very low prices, or they are doing a good amount of money, money Then you will often die on the side of your work. What is more embarrassing is that many people have a social background. As long as you consult with him, you will be entangled in you, and you will be banned from fighting with any regular travel agency. Until you are missing, look at the current reductions in their no-shows.) If you don't let your mood get worse, the best format is to fight any of them.


Xiaobian squats in micro-specialization to go and read only one thing,

The airport is attentive. In addition to the travel and anti-fraud on the night bus, it is an eight-door flower. With the boarding pass, you can take the airport for free. In addition to the night bus, you can go to the suburbs. They really just arrive at the hotel. In addition to the nightingale, the staff of the car will blow the news of the Zhangjiajie tour, and then let you sign up. Although, in addition to the night bus, you can take a ride, so that a free lunch is possible, you can enjoy the night flight of the flight attendants.

Getting off the plane Currently, there are 4 buses in the airport to the suburbs, 1 yuan per person, but there are not many flights. (8:00-18:00) If you don't get to the bus, you can get to the suburbs between 20-30 yuan. If you want to get 15 yuan, it is best to leave the airport and turn left 400 meters to the airport. In addition to the night gate there will be many taxis, whoever only 20 yuan, 30 in the airport is because of the need to pay parking, so expensive! It will take time to see how your bargaining price is!

5, bus station

Zhangjiajie is divided into two bus stations. The long-distance cars that normally go down the speed are stopped at the East Railway Station. The East Railway Station is connected to the North Water Station. Therefore, after getting off the bus, you need to stop at No. 5, 6 and other buses. The car arrived at the suburb; the central bus station has now moved to the center of the North Waterway Station. Special tips: you must pay attention to thieves by bus! !

Give you a drunkenness: Before you go out, it is best to contact Zhangjiajie on the same day. There is no travel agency or travel company. The company is in the airport and is in charge of the license to stop the guided tour. What kind of scam will not die? You are on. All of them are not in the middle of the word "self-denial". After the tourists greedy that kind of self-denial, they have the principle of reaching self-denial, and they have more deaths. There are no calm events. It’s a liar, “Zhangjiajie is a strong armpit” and other posts to publicize your feelings. We are very familiar with your feelings, but we are even more distressed: I am saddened by the various benefits that you are taking in Zhangjiajie; The Zhangjiajie tourism has not been calm and sad; the good mountains and waters of Zhangjiajie have been distressed because of the glory of those announcements; they are saddened by your choice of us. Yes, any business is saved in profit, we have no exceptions, but we do not make huge profits and do our best to be transparent. (You will know that our price is really true when you compare the prices of other non-ya travel agencies. ), I hope that the tourists like you do not have to think about self-denial and get rid of the night, because: Qi has a free lunch, the giant self-satisfaction of the lunch is a scam wrapped in a scam.

?2016 Zhangjiajie Tourism Fun Raiders, how to play? How many banknotes? How to save money? Get it in 5 minutes.

2, Zhangjiajie's play, eat, live, stop, attack attack

Zhangjiajie's play:

If you want to ask the line, please be sure to declare the following:

1. Is it not to Tianmenshan, except for the night canyon glass bridge

2. Arrive at the time when Zhangjiajie left Zhangjiajie.

3. You are playing in Zhangjiajie for a few days.

4. Choose a warmer (ie, less climbing, there is a rope to talk about), by choosing a more economical, more hiking journey, that is very important, but the way to arrange the journey.

In the Zhangjiajie scenic area, it is usually the same as playing for two to three days. (The degree is usually 900-1300 in the center of each person. It is different for each stay in the circle.) Eat and stop tickets, etc.), if the Qicheng self-help needs to be fully prepared for the early morning, but because the scenic spot is very night, after the meeting will be a mans, I do not know how to play! If you don't open it, please don't ask the tour guide to play by yourself, because the scenic spot is too late, and the road sign is not very clear. If there is a tour guide, you may have to take a lot of turning roads. If you don't have Songhua extravagance, you should borrow the Chinese people. It is possible to reduce our miscellaneous self-help travel route. It is not wrong, because it is live in the scenic area, there is no need to use the reciprocating high-level mountain and extravagant time, and it is a miscellaneous game, so the scenery will be more ordinary than the usual travel agency. There are many rows, there is no war for the tour group. The Tianyuan City, which has not been visited by the tour group, is brought to play, and it is possible to see the sunrise according to the row of the sky; we will let the guests according to the needs of the guests. Deeply integrated with the night, we find the mindset of the guests, so that guests can stay in the scenic area. Many guests don’t like to catch the ducks like the tail of the team. There are white babies and children’s roots. The young people’s footsteps, even less of the sound of being spurred by others in their sleep, so we have the service of our self-help tour,

Our main focus is to assume that self-help is the main one. If you have a few people or one person, you can become a group. You can only arrange a bad show guide to take you only a few, to be truly fun, free. Peaceful play, sorrowful households, teaching death, family, couples and other self-help tours, for travel consultation. Zhou Qi will help you plan your trip, book accommodation, catering, charter pick-up, and inferior guides. We have a self-help package to collect travel arrangements, dining and accommodation, tourist cars, ticket usage and inferior guides, swinging a dollar, without any bullying, really playing in the sky, meticulously to do things for you. Let you worry about the journey, save money and trouble, we are saving by the amount of war, you can choose to let you have a calm and undead trip in Zhangjiajie.

There is no wrong two-day tour of self-help tour: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Jinbianxi, Yuanjiajie, Yangjiajie, Tianzishan, Shili Painting Gallery, 580 yuan in the morning and two days

Zhangjiajie's eating:

The best friends of the usual self-help tour are to taste the flavors of the day, because their time is full, which is why most of them are now in the past, and most of them like to go back to the self-help tour. The most favorite of the friends is the ones on the top.....

1.[胡门徒三下锅]: Zhangjiajie's characteristic dish ----- three pots, the so-called three pots are really a very convenient dry pot, it is made up of three main ingredients Made of stewed water pot without soup, I feel that there is nothing wrong with the "Hu Men's Three Pots" around the triangle, and the three pots are 15 yuan (the old year is 10 yuan, Now that the price has increased, the weight is very good, and the two or three people only need to face 30 to 50 yuan in weight, so you can eat enough! The recommended thing is to dry up the intestines, dry the walnut meat and fight the three kinds of mixed meats of Xiangxi and bacon. When you eat, you can use a sour radish, which is firm and sour. Really the best!

2. [Silver mode sauerkraut beef]: It is easier to find, and the street that is being booked by the school is connected to the street. The construction of the street is a night-end Internet cafe called Shochi. The construction of the other side is the three-story construction of the street. Going forward from there, the location is in the middle of the street, with signs. The sauerkraut beef in his family is quite famous. The mutton is made without any mistakes. The mutton has made the taste of pork. If you don’t know what to say about him, what is it?

3.[A sin fish museum]: A friend who likes to eat fish, may be in the middle of the night, in the cross street, from the cross street to the old cross street for 2 minutes, left foot; fish is now called There are many practices, and there is nothing wrong with the dining environment.

Step by step on the street of Chongxia City, borrowing many delicious Tianyuan! It’s the early night’s night, where is the KFC’s ten-way road, and that street is all right, the early morning snacks are very apologetic

Living in Zhangjiajie:

Dear! Except for the night! I am Zhang Kujie, a tourism planning commissioner in Zhangjiajie. I am talking about Zhangjiajie Tujia Amei, who is also a tourist who has no real biography. I like to use me.